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Refudee Aid Network

Who are we? What is RAN? We are just a random cross section of the community, regular people who have came together to have a more coordinated and effective response to the humanitarian crises in Europe and the Middle East. Our first project was in late 2015 when we sent a container of aid to Syria, we then founded RAN in 2016 where each month more and more people are joining us so that they to can make a real difference to people's lives. Together we've helped thousands of people by providing food, clothing, toiletries and medical aid.

We focus on providing humanitarian aid to war stricken countries around the globe. We fit in between the small agencies and the big ones. We can mobilise quickly, and we target your aid to where its needed most, paying for all organisational overhead from either gift aid or our own pockets

Together people are rising to help the victims of war and persecution. We've provided, and personally delivered aid to countries such as Syria, Lebanon, France, Greece, Yemen and now Bangladesh.

If you are interested in volunteering with Refugee Aid Network then please do look out for roles and events that will advsertised on our Facebook page.

For press and media queries please email us at: general@refugeeaidnetwork.org