Yemen Appeal

How your donation HAS saved lives.

Horror and uncertainty are part of life in Yemen. We must act to prevent famine - Salah Saeed, DEC.

"Yemen tops the list for one of the most dangerous countries for journalists to work and very few international reporters have been allowed into the country.
I travelled to Hodeida, one of the areas worst affected by extreme hunger.

The number of patients accessing the hospital there has increased fivefold over the past year, although the budget has been frozen at pre-2011 levels. To say it is struggling to cope is an understatement.

I heard bombs whistling overhead. It is hard to describe the terror of experiencing that chilling sound but not knowing where the bomb will land. The people of Yemen live with that horror and uncertainty every day."

RAN in Yemen - Dr Moharram

In 2017, RAN and SVP (St Vincent de Paul Society) teamed up together and sent out a container to Hodeida in Yemen. We teamed up with Dr Ashwaq Moharram who was patiently awaiting delivery of our container consisting of medical goods and food. We'd like to say a big thank you to those who donated using our Amazon page, our donation pages and also to those who arranged their own fundraising events.